Best Gun’s of 2021

For the firearm industry, 2021 has not been an easy year thus far. However, that has not stopped manufacturer’s from coming up with innovative ideas for some very interesting firearms across all categories. Here’s a few of our favorites in the pistol department:

CZ P-10S:

CZ-USA P-10 S Optics-Ready | CZ-USA
CZ P-10S

Considering how partial I am with CZ products, it wouldn’t be right unless I put them first on the list. CZ’s P-10S took the comfort and high magazine capacity that we all know and love and put it into a subcompact carry that’s perfect for most. It even comes with a slide cut to put a red dot! What more could you want?! Throughout 2020 it seemed as though most manufacturers were steering towards adding an optic cut feature to their subcompact’s and people are loving it! Let’s recap, subcompact, high capacity magazine and optic cut out….sign me up!


GLOCK 43X and 48 - In Modular Optic System (MOS) Configuration From: GLOCK  Inc. | Officer
Glock 43X MOS

The infamous Glock pistols! Known for not only their durability, but their easy applications to be modified and used across many platforms. The beauty of Glock’s is that they hybrid a lot of their models. The 17 and 19 for example, want the 19 slide size but the grip length and capacity of a 17? No problem! Glock model 45 to the rescue! The 43X MOS is no different and beautifully designed with the every day concealed carry in mind. If the 43 and 48 had a baby, it would be this and the MOS feature is the cherry on top. Longer grip to allow 10 round magazine capacity, MOS slide cut and an added rail cut which we don’t normally see on single stack models. Aftermarket 15round magazines are also available for this model!

KelTec P50:

KelTec P50: First Look at the New 50-Round 5.7x28mm Pistol – Ballistic  Magazine
KelTec P50

As if Keltec didn’t already have a lot of obscure firearms, they decided to add this to the line up (but I’m here for it)!!!! Who wouldn’t want a futuristic looking pistol in 5.7x28mm that holds 50 rounds!!! Make sure to grab one of these when they hit the market later this year!

S&W M&P15-22 Pistol:

M&P15-22 PISTOL | Smith & Wesson
S&W M&P 15-22 Pistol

It’s about time! S&W has always had a huge product line of handguns, rifles and shotguns and finally they decided to release this end of 2020! The beautiful design, durability, efficiency and capacity of the standard 15-22 now in a pistol version! When my kids first started shooting we used the full size AR-15 platform .22lr S&W produced, I wish this was available at the time! Fantastic way to introduce new shooter’s into the world of shooting or if you just want to plink with relatively inexpensive ammunition.

Thanks for reading our blog guys! As I mentioned earlier, I’m very partial to CZ, but my favorite in this line up will have to be the Glock 43X MOS. More to come discussing everyday trending topics, updates on the industry and of course more guns!!