The most common ammo, is the hardest to find!

We get asked the same questions every single day, do you have ammo? What kind? 9mm, 556/223, 38spl, etc? The answer is usually one of the following: we just sold out, we have a little, we’re waiting on our shipment, OR (and this is the most common) we’re working on getting the best deal we can for you but cost is going up! Manufacturer’s aren’t shut down, so why is it so hard to get ammo? Here’s a quick break down of the events that led up to all the ammo hype!

  1. Covid-19 began to take the country by storm and with that came shut downs and limits on products being brought into the country. Manufacturer’s were either closed down or their production line was cut in half due to being at 50% or less capacity for their employees. Primers and other material to make ammunition wasn’t being imported as quickly as needed and all those parts made here in the USA, well, you get where I’m going with this. This created the original catalyst to the “shortage.”
  2. Now come the riots over the summer. You have people that are first time gun owners and novices, those that have been in the firearm world for many years, and other’s that just simply buy bulk ammunition like it’s going out of style regardless of the current situation, all of whom are frantically trying to buy ammo where ever they can find it. Fear buying. Protection. Whatever you want to chalk it up to, ammo was selling at a high rate and it was getting harder and harder to replenish it as dealers.
  3. Now the three words everyone is so used to hearing, Supply and Demand! Although manufacturers ramped up production, it just hasn’t been enough to fulfill all the orders that are being placed every day. We’re talking billions of rounds of ammunition being bought and sold everyday and there’s just not enough time and/or product to produce the amount needed to catch up. Unfortunately with supply and demand means prices begin to sky rocket. The market sets the price. What one person is willing to pay begins to be the norm for what everyone will HAVE to pay as time goes on.

As a dealer, we saw this happen before our eyes throughout 2020 and going into 2021. We’re now March and quite frankly it’s only gotten worse. A lot of ammo is being imported from other countries and you’ll begin to see brands you’ve never heard of. We work everyday to try to get the best deals on ammo for our customers, but distributors don’t give wholesale pricing anymore for the most part. If they can sell 9mm for $1/rnd online or more, then that’s what they’ll do. We have hope that things will get better over the next few years, but as for right now the pennies on the dollar days are over ladies and gentlemen! Welcome to the new norm on ammunition!